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The Central hub

Virtuexbank will serve like a secure central hub between renouned developers around the world. So all you need to integrate with is Virtuexbank and we will communicate with the world for you, enabling real time communication and transactions. Just imagine how inconvenient and time consuming task it would be for each developer to integrate his/her API with every other developer around the world, here Virtuexbank plays a critical role of enabling communication & translation of your messages with rest of the world.

For Geeks: Imagine this as the typical problem solved by various middleware tools for large enterprises for connecting their disparate systems, the Enterprise service bus here would be Virtuexbank and the different systems here would be all the developers around the world.

Our Saas solution

With the help of some of the industry leaders we're currently in process of launching our secure Saas based solution for developers around the world. If you would like to set the directions right from begining, join us.

Along with the Saas based solution, we will also be providing propriety implementation for integrating with your APIs, all you need to do is just to send us a message. Our early partners will not only get additional discounts but their development costs will be reduced as well, not to mention the advantage of being an early mover.

More to come..

We are evolving at a very rapid pace, various projects are underway to their maturation age so keep in touch. You can register yourself and we will keep you posted of latest technological solutions arriving in the virtual world economy.

If you feel your virtual currency strategy is not really hitting the nail on its head just send us a message and we will help you realign your virtual currency strategy for maximizing your in-app revenue potential. Click here to contact us.

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